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When a loved one or friend is in jail and you need bail call 310-BAIL-BON. When dealing with the bail process it is most important to get all of your questions answered quickly and thoroughly. The bail bond agents at Bail Busters are able to answer any of your questions about the specific bail processes in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County and any other counties or areas in Southern California. If you are unfamiliar with the bail process and would like to learn more about the process please browse our frequently answered questions.

  • How does the bail process work?

If an individual gets arrested the court requests a bail and we Bail Busters post the bail bond for a fee and that bail bond guarantees that the defendant will appear in court guilty or not. When Bail Busters posts bail for a client we are guaranteeing to the court that the defendant will appear in court on the necessary dates. We at Bail Busters make it as easy and quick as possible to get out on bail in all Southern California counties.

  • Where do defendants go when arrested in Orange County or Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles there are two main jails operated by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department: Century Regional Detention Center for Women and Twins Towers Correctional Facility for Men. In Orange County there are three main jails operated by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department: the James A. Musick Facility in Irvine, the Central Jail Complex in Santa Ana, and the Theo Lacy Facility in Orange. Once the jail where a defendant is being held has been identified, a bail agent at Bail Busters will guide you through the bail process. Within Orange County or Los Angeles there are also cities which have facilities that will house defendants for a certain period of time. In order to ensure the bail process is as quick as possible it is important to try to post the bail before the defendant is transferred from a city jail to a county jail.

  • How do I find out what the defendant is being charged with?

If you know someone who is being held in a Los Angeles or Orange County jail facility and you would like to find out what the defendant is being charged make sure to contact Bail Busters at 310-BAIL-BON. Bail Busters will be able to get you the most accurate and up-to-the-minute information regarding the defendant’s status and jail release.

  • How do I pay for bail?

Bail Busters takes all credit cards, cash, personal checks, bitcoin and financing.

In cases when the client does not have money down we take monthly payments or collateral such as real estate holdings, monthly payments from employers, jewelry, cars, stock and bonds.

  • What is my first step?

The first step in the bail process is to contact Bail Busters at 310-BAIL-BON. Upon gathering information about the defendant we will be able to determine the defendant’s location and status. Bail Busters has been serving the Los Angeles and Orange County areas for 25 years and will be able to provide the most valuable and accurate bail and jail information.

  • What is the cost for California Bail Bonds?

By law the premium for a bond is 10% of the full bail amount. Under certain circumstances when the bail exceeds $30,000 and depending if there is collateral and what type of collateral it is the premium can be set at 8% of the full bail amount. Bail Busters never charges annual premiums and the bail premium is always a one time fee unless monthly payments have been decided.

  • What happens if bail is not posted?

If bail is not posted, the defendant will remain in custody until and if the judge decides to release the defendant without bail. While in custody it is possible, but quite rare that a defendant will be released on “OR” or “own recognizance.” In such a case the defendant will be released on their own accord, but will be required to attend all future court hearings.

  • Once Bail Busters posts bail how long does it take for the defendant to be released on bail?

If a defendant is being held in a Los Angeles County jail the release time can be anywhere between 6 and 24 hours. The release times for a city jail tend be much faster. If a defendant is being held in an Orange County jail the release time can be anywhere between 3 and 7 hours. The release times for a city jail in both Los Angeles and Orange County tend to be significantly quicker than a county jail due to the major difference in size and staff between the two jails.

  • Does the bail bond expire? What if the case continues for more than a year?

With Bail Busters the bail bond does not expire. The bond is good for as long as the case continues for. Bail Busters never charges annual premiums

  • Can a defendant travel while out on bail?

When out on bail with Bail Busters a defendant can travel unless there are specific restrictions on the defendant’s travel with the court. The only exception is that if the indemnitor(co-signer) of the bond has certain restrictions regarding the defendant’s travel, the defendant must follow those restrictions.

  • If I bail out a friend or loved one, how can I protect myself if I know he or she is not going to attend court?

You must first notify the bail bondsman that you feel the defendant is a flight risk and will not show up in court, so it is the bail bondsman’s job to apprehend the defendant and surrender he or she back to the court of nearest jail. You, the indemnitor, will no longer be liable for the defendant, but small fees may apply.

  • What should I do when the case is over guilty or not?

Guilty or not you must notify the bail bonds company that the case is finished and the bail bonds company will confirm this information and if anything has been left as collateral it will be returned to you, the client, if all conditions were met. The premium of the bail will not be returned being that it is a one time fee for acquiring the bail.

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